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The Hottest Romances of 2019

By: Hidden Gems on January 14, 2020

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By: Hidden Gems on January 14, 2020


Romance is always one of the most popular genres of books for subscribers to Hidden Gems, and 2019 had literally hundreds of romance books offered to our readers. With 2019 wrapped up, we’ve gone through and identified 12 of the hottest romance novels our subscribers enjoyed. Now, there’s a little wiggle room behind the science of how these books were chosen – roughly one per month, based on overall Amazon review score – but I don’t think anybody will deny that they’re some of the best romance books on Amazon; and thanks to the author’s of these books working with us,  all of them were sent to Hidden Gems subscribers for free – sometimes ahead of their publication date!

The Road to Solace by Samantha A. Cole The Road to Solace by Samantha A. Cole 

Author Samantha Cole has a legion of fans, but took a different direction with this story; which stands alone from her other popular series. It’s the tale of a quiet ex-con, who finds himself embroiled in a deepening mystery when he takes work as a farmhand for a beautiful widow.

Isis 1905 celebrated the shift in style for Samantha Cole, and in a 5-star review wrote: ” at heart, the story of two damaged souls seeking redemption, acceptance, and love. But it’s so much more. There are mysteries, thrills, spills, twists, turns, and above all else, the affirmation of the goodness and kindness present in nearly every human soul. Despite the title and Adam’s previous vocation, don’t start reading this story with any preconceptions that this is strictly a faith-based story. It is, above all else, a story of human nature, love, hatred, good, evil, and every emotion that humankind can experience. It is a story of redemption but not necessarily in the ways you might initially believe.”

Black Light: Exposed Black Light: Exposed by Jennifer Bene 

Political intrigue abounds in this fast-paced, steamy tale of a young and ambitious reporter delving deep into the BDSM scene of the Washington DC elite. With shades of House of Cards, and so much scalding steam you might want to hold your Kindle with oven mitts, this is a terrific and taut tale.

“Bliss,” writes Kindle Customer in her 5-star review. “An intriguing, sexy, suspenseful story with off the charts chemistry between the two main characters. I was turning the pages as fast as I could. I have read almost all of Ms. Bene’s stories and have loved every one of them. You will not be disappointed with this one.”

“Will her lies ruin everything?” Mobookworm asks in her 5-star review. “This addition to the Black Light series is amazing. Ms. Bene couldn’t have done a better job writing in this series. What a great story, I cried for Maddie and felt for Thomas. You must read this amazingly hot story filled with tons of sexy scenes, BDSM club remember? But don’t be misled, it’s an amazing story with wonderful characters, hot scenes and enough drama it made me cry. Definitely a keeper and any more would be great!”

The Exiled Prince by Jeana E. MannThe Exiled Prince by Jeana E. Mann

When Everly catches the eye of a sexy stranger at a masquerade ball, little does she know that being snuck inside the ritzy event will set in course a chain of events that will change her life forever. This is political and sexual intrigue at its best, and a fast-paced read that will leave your fingers numb from swiping through your Kindle so fast.

“I have read, I am pretty sure all of Jeana Mann’s books and this one is my favorite so far!” writes Lady Vicki in her 5-star review. “I’m sure I have said this in one or more of my reviews for her books. I swear this author gets better and better with each book. Love the characters, each one made the story the awesomeness it was! There is not one thing that could have made this story better, it was amazing. I loved the sexual tension, the banter and just everything between R&R. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with buying this. It’s worth so much more! I am swooning all day and can’t wait for the next!”

The Secret Ingredient by by Kilby Blades The Secret Ingredient by Kilby Blades 

Things really heat up in this spicy, culinary romance – which sees TV celebrity chef Cella go head-to-head with gorgeous Italian Max. For fans of Italian food and Latin lovemaking, this fast-paced read is a great guilty treat; that at least won’t add to your waistline!

In her 5-star review, Karen writes: “I absolutely loved this book. The writing was excellent and the characters well developed. But the thing that made me keep reading was how flawlessly the author told the story. I absolutely loved that the main characters took their time getting to know each other and becoming friends first. This was no insta-love or even insta-lust even though they certainly were attracted to the other. The story and the friendship came first. We got to go along for the ride as Max and Cella worked together on her new cookbook, discovering new recipes and improving on the old ones. When they finally decided to act on their attraction, the love and emotion between them was apparent. This book is definitely a recipe for a great romance novel!”

Exposed: A Miseducation Romance by Lula BaxterExposed: A Miseducation Romance by Lula Baxter

When a romance novelist heads to New York City to find some steamy inspiration, little does she know that it will be occupying the suite right next door – or that this handsome lover’s kink is leaving the curtains open, for everything to be exposed to the world. Faced paced and ultra steamy, this was a highly popular read among Hidden Gems subscribers last year!

“Rhys! Oh, melt my panties off me hot! That man!” writes reviewer kingsfan in a 5-star review. “He is a sox jock with his own podcast. He is sex personified as well as this alpha possessive man. When the author talks about his voice I feel like I can feel it myself through the pages. He really does have that bad boy streak as I said. It propels him to be the man he is today. When they meet at that door sparks fly and ping of every available surface. These two both have a past they are trying to escape and get past for different reasons. I loved these characters they were absolutely made for each other, and the people were great. I loved Prynne’s roommate Shiloh and her co-workers were a hoot. Rhys had a good friend in Donna. I truly loved this book. It was an incredible read. There is so much potential for other books. I would love to get a glimpse into the future after reading the very last chapter. It was great.”

For Lila, Forever by by Winter Renshaw For Lila, Forever by Winter Renshaw 

Lila thought she’d left Thayer far behind in small-town Maine – along with the heartbreaking secret she kept. A decade later, all of that is brought to life again when their lives coincide once again; and this time, things have to find resolution.

Keri Loves Books, a Top 500 Reviewer, gave the book 5-stars, writing: “A beautiful story of forbidden love, the lengths people will go to when they have a plan and the ultimate deceit. They shared a love that was never supposed to happen. Obstacles kept them apart. But true love never dies. They never gave up hope. Soul mates always find a way. Another great story from the author. A strong, resilient woman who did what needed to be done to survive and protect her family. A truly good man led by his heart. He went after what he wanted, but was always sweet and caring. He never compromised his morals and never gave up on her. You’ll love this story!”

“Wow! What an amazing story, this author has outdone herself with this one and I thought Pricked was my favorite, well I was mistaken, For Lila, Forever takes the cake,” writes Stephanie Ditmore in her 5-star review. “So many obstacles in their way, people keeping them apart, and a secret being kept from Thayer and finding each other again years later, still having those feelings for each other, that’s true love. No spoilers from me, this is a must read that you can’t miss out on. Absolutely loved this book and I highly recommend it.

Protecting Dallas by Krista Wolf Protecting Dallas by Krista Wolf 

When unknown assailants try to assassinate Dallas, she is rescued by three gorgeous Navy SEALS – who are assigned to protect her, but struggle with the temptation to breach all sorts of protective protocols! Krista Wolf is one of the masters of the reverse harem genre, and she does herself proud with this fast-paced, steamy romp.

“From the first page I was hooked,” writes reviewer Kendra in her 5-star review. “The action starts from the beginning and you learn very quickly that Dallas is very independent, and a little broken since the deaths of her parents and then her brother. Enter Maddox, Kane and Austin. They served with Conner as a SEAL team. They made a promise to Conner they would watch over Dallas. Now Dallas is under the same roof as three very hot men. Feelings start to grow as they each get to know each other, and work together to find the people who murdered her brother and attacked her. This book is worth every minute of reading there no “lose your attention” moments. Great read!”

Catching Her Wild Heart by Cora ReedCatching Her Wild Heart by Cora Reed

Wyatt Forester returned to his small, home town after losing a comrade in the field. Meddlesome best friend Penny is there to help him recover – but in doing so, spurs an attraction that both of them find difficult to resist. This is classic Cora Reed romance and a great find for anybody who likes to see love struggling through the barriers we try to protect ourselves with.

In her 5-star review, Catie L writes: “This small town love story will warm your heart and make you want to move! Wyatt back from being in the service with a lot of PTSD is helped by his best friend Penny- but as the twin of them cross a line that can’t ever be uncrossed changes them completely- I loved this book and this series!”

The Facilitator, Part 2 by Tracie PodgerThe Facilitator, Part 2 by Tracie Podger

Mackenzie and Lauren discovered the very limits of their sexual exploration in Part 1 of this series, but now the consequences of their abandon are here to catch up to them. This is an extremely steamy read, but a compelling one as it goes beyond just the “happily ever after” and reveals how love can continue even after the previous chapter ended.

“Wow, the continuation of MacKenzie and Lauren’s story!” Writes PJ Bur in a 5-star review. “From her old boss, his ex, her ex, fathers-in-law, work, there are so many disruptions to their love story, with lots of hot sex thrown in the mix. I absolutely love Tracie Podger’s books and have read so many. Her books grab my heart and attention and I am absorbed into her stories. Laughing, crying, smiling – all the emotions!”

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Iris Morland He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Iris Morland 

Mari was always the good girl – until she goes on a wild bender in Las Vegas and wakes up married to the ultimate Irish bad-boy! Filled with hijinks and sheet-scalding steamy scenes, this is a fast-paced romantic adventure that you’ll whip through feverishly; dying to know how the misadventure ends.

“Five big, blooming stars,” writes BookAddict, a Top 500 review, in their 5-star review. “Holy hyacinth, Liam and Mari’s chemistry is out of this world, and they’re hot enough to set off the smoke detector! And if Liam’s caveman tactics might be a bit off putting to Mari, his sexy Irish accent gives him a ‘heck yeah!’ pass. These two will have you laughing until you cry, to blushing and back again, as you follow them on their journey to forever.”

Reserved: A Love Story by Tracy EwensReserved: A Love Story by Tracy Ewens

Six years after the death of her first husband, brilliant chef McKenna finds herself reluctantly attracted to teasing, flirty coworker Travis; and things start to heat up both in and out of the restaurant kitchen they share. This is a heartwarming tale of new love overcoming old wounds, and a great read for the holiday season.

“She needed someone to show up for her. He had to learn to show up for himself first,” writes BoatBabe007 in her 5-star review. “I loved this book. I could totally relate to McKenna needing what she needed and watching Travis try to be the one to give it to her. It was clear it wouldn’t be an easy road, but they showed it was one worth travelling. When it’s time to harvest, its time to harvest. This book was well written and had a wonderful plot line with a twist or two. Kept me interested and I hated putting it away even at 4 in the morning.”

Harper's Corner Holiday Series Books 1-3 by Christina GeorgeHarper’s Corner Holiday Series Books 1-3 by Christina George

We wrap up this review of the year with a holiday bundle! In this three-book collection, subscribers got to read Once Upon a Christmas, A Nanny for Christmas, and My One and Only – and had plenty of heartwarming things to say!

“This is a delightful, heartwarming perfect for the holiday season romance trilogy of three stand-alone stories that could almost be Hallmark but for the steam,” writes charles smith in his 5-star review. ”

Vine Voice KSD gave the book the same glowing review, writing: “All the of the characters in each of the books in Harper’s Corner by Christina George are wonderful, well rounded and unique. I especially appreciate the heroes. Each of them dreamy alphas in their own right and I am absolutely a sucker for military men and men who serve their community. Matt, Jack and Callahan have a space in my heart! The women in each of these stories are also very interesting and I appreciate their conflicts, then how they overcome (usually themselves) and find what they really want and need.”

As you can see, the caliber of books offered to subscribers of Hidden Gems is pretty incredible – and readers can choose from these type of romance, or books from 15 other genres when they sign up. Each and every day, you’ll be offered FREE books to download and review; delivered right to your inbox.

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