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Author Interviews

Author Spotlight Interview: Fynn Perry

By: Hidden Gems on May 25, 2021

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By: Hidden Gems on May 25, 2021


Today’s interview is with Fynn Perry, author of high-concept thriller fiction. Fynn’s debut novel Earthbound––a crime thriller that crosses over into the afterlife––is now on Amazon in eBook, paperback & Kindle Unlimited. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know more about his writing style, inspiration, life outside of writing and upcoming projects!

HG: Congrats on the success of your debut novel, Earthbound: A Supernatural Thriller. It is advertised as “THE 2021 MUST-READ HIGH-CONCEPT CRIME THRILLER”. For our readers that aren’t familiar with the genre, how would you describe it?

FP: Thank you. High-concept is kind of a general term that can span many genres. The term is applied to any work with a unique, original, or highly visual premise. Earthbound takes place in our world and a world hidden behind our own and is written in a style that many readers have called ‘cinematic.’ It’s primarily a crime thriller with a supernatural twist but also contains a good dose of mystery, suspense and a touch of love interest between the protagonists.

HG: Fascinating! Okay, tell us more about Earthbound, specifically. What’s the premise of the story? Did you have to do a lot of research before writing it?

FP: The story centers on the premise that the afterlife and the mortal world are connected and that this connection influences events in our world. The main protagonist enters the otherworld during a near death experience after being stabbed in an unprovoked attack. He starts a journey to find out the identity of his attacker and discovers a sinister criminal enterprise in the process, which threatens not only his return to consciousness but the life of his girlfriend and her father.

I knew how the story would start and end when I started writing Earthbound, but only one or two key events in between. As a result, all my research happened on the go, with the plot revealing itself as I went along. When a particular scene called for it, I would dive into in-depth research to ensure a realistic outcome in that part of the story. I had to research just about every aspect of the book, which included amongst others, police and medical procedures, the dark web and a concerning amount of detail regarding firearms, Class-A drugs!


HG: Wow, that sounds so intriguing. So, fans of which other authors might enjoy this book?

FP: For sure, fans of suspense and detective novels should like Earthbound. I’m thinking here of authors like Harlan Coben and in particular, John Connolly who gives his novels a supernatural twist. There is also a lot of fast-paced action and large-scale criminal activity that would appeal to fans of Lee Child and C. J. Box. The high concept premise, mixed with action, I think will also interest fans of Terry Hayes and Blake Crouch.

HG: Great! That’s really helpful, thank you. Now, what three words would you use to describe John, the main character, and why?

FP: John is resilient and determined. He has to be. Having to learn how to navigate a frightening new world requires grit in the face of adversity after adversity. He is also passionate––fighting with everything that he has to return to the girl and life he loves.

HG: I love that. What inspired you to write this book?

FP: Two things. The first is that I guess I never grew out of the pre-occupation we have as children with what happens when we die, and a few ghost stories in my family only served to spur my interest in the afterlife. The second thing is an incomprehension of what could possibly drive people to do the inexplicably evil acts that we hear about, almost daily, that go on in some part of the world. One day I just had the idea to connect these two things as the basis for a thrilling adventure story that would give a fictional explanation for some of the world’s greatest atrocities.

HG: How cool! So, what feeling do you want to leave people with when they finish Earthbound?

FP: Of course, I would want readers to feel fully entertained––there are a lot of twists and turns, reveals and rug-pulls to keep them turning pages to the end. On a deeper level, I would be happy if the book made people more concerned about the terrible cost of the illegal trade in drugs that is highlighted in the story. It’s only set to get worse with the advent of new drug making technologies.

HG: Got it. That’s great. Tell us a little bit about your writing process. Has it changed since the pandemic? Where and when do you write?

FP: I like to write as early in the morning as possible and keep writing until about 2.00 p.m., by which time, I’m pretty much creatively drained. I then switch to admin and some marketing for a few more hours. I tend not to lie in bed too long when I wake because I have ideas buzzing in my head and I want to get them typed up as soon as possible. Sunday is an exception when I try to switch off. 

Before the pandemic I used to write a lot in coffee shops, however now I have got so used to writing at home, I may just return occasionally, mainly for the better coffee!

HG: Sounds like you have a consistent schedule in place. I can totally relate to the better coffee pull! So, what do you like to do when not writing?

FP: I love watching movies and reading fiction. I’m a big fan of audiobooks which let me listen to novels while driving or doing chores. Because I sit a lot, I try to get to the gym regularly (now that it’s open) just to properly stretch and work unused muscles. It’s more maintenance than enjoyment but there is a dopamine hit at the end of a session which does feel good. When I have time, I like to cook. There’s a similar satisfaction to seeing something you created being well received and consumed with food as there is with writing a book.

HG: I agree with the cooking analogy, so true. Switching gears, if you could ask your author idol one question about their writing, writing process, or books, what would it be?

FP: For how long can you stay focused when writing before fatigue, coffee, food or the internet lures you away?

HG: That would be an interesting survey for sure. Are you working on any other projects at this time? What can you tell us about those?

FP: Yes, I’ve just finished the first draft of a novella which is a prequel story to Earthbound. When it’s ready to be published, I will be giving it away only to members of my Readers’ Club. While the draft of the novella is with my editor, I’ve started working on the sequel to Earthbound. I’ve already outlined the story and I’m really excited to see it come together. 

HG: Oooh, exciting! We’ll be on the lookout. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us today, Fynn! For readers that want to find out more about your stories and future projects, where should they go to connect or learn more?

FP: It’s been an absolute pleasure!

The best way to hear about upcoming book launch promotions and ongoing special discounts is to sign up to my Readers’ Club on my website. In addition to a monthly newsletter, I’ll ensure that members are the first to receive sneak previews of my book covers and exclusive free downloads of my work. I can also be found on Instagram and Facebook for more regular updates on my writing journey.

Thanks for interviewing me.

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