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5 Self-Help Books To Focus Your Mental Health

By: Hidden Gems on May 18, 2021

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By: Hidden Gems on May 18, 2021


May is Mental Health Awareness Month so we thought we’d take this opportunity to round up five self-help books that were highly rated by Hidden Gems ARC readers. While we’re not suggesting that all the answers to your stress, relationship issues or mental health challenges are in these books, we think they open up important discussions and can be a piece to the puzzle if you’re looking to focus on self-care and your own wellbeing.


Get Out of Your Head: A Toolkit for Living with and Overcoming Anxiety by Brian Sachetta

With nearly 400 reviews on Amazon, this self-help book has been praised by Hidden Gems ARC readers and a broad audience alike. Get Out of Your Head helps readers to break free from fear cycles and ultimately begin to alleviate anxiety, which burdens millions of Americans.

“One of the best anxiety books out there,” writes Richard S. in his 5-star review. “The author provides a detailed analysis of why we have anxiety over events in our life, and provides readers with a proven and tested process for combatting this anxiety. The real-life stories are captivating, and provide you with the author’s perspective so that you can better understand how to work these techniques into your own daily life.”

Melanie says in her 5-star review, “Brian Sachetta gives a true human take on anxiety, and how to deal with it on a daily basis. You won’t get bogged down in theory but will instead find a practical guide on living with anxiety. I particularly enjoyed the section on language and negative self talk patterns. Ultimately the book teaches you to zoom out and focus on the big picture, rather than getting caught up in the minutia of modern life. Especially in the current landscape where it’s never been easier to consume negative information. A really great book and one which deserves a place among the greats of the genre.”

The 50/50 Friendship Flow by Shari Leid

With an impressive 4.7 average star rating on Amazon, The 50/50 Friendship Flow offers a conscious path to not simply maintain friendships, but to deepen those relationships to support connection and bring joy and a sense of purpose to both of you. Author Shari Leid encourages each of us to give one another the gift of time and reveals the power of sitting down one-on-one with a friend for the sole purpose of letting her know the positive impact that she has made in your life.

“I love this book!” raves Amazon Customer NW in their 5-star review. “The premise is that everyone who comes into your life is both your student and also your teacher. I love how Shari Leid is able to write about 50 of her friends in such a unique and thoughtful way – Showing the reader that not only is each person in our lives completely unique, but each person brings something valuable into everyone’s life around them. You just need to be thoughtful and notice. Reading this book was a great experience and helped me to internalize the very important concept of this book. I hope to see many more books from Shari Leid in the future! I highly recommend this read! In fact, I loved it so much I bought one for a friend.”

“This book opened my eyes to how much we all have to share and learn from each other, if we would just listen,” writes Amazon Customer in their 5-star review. “Shari shares in a very eloquent way, what she has learned from her girlfriends, about their paths that they have walked and what they have learned along the way. This book has an answer for any question one might have about life, before entering adulthood, initiating change or going through life’s struggles and growth. I strongly recommend it.”

The Whole SELF Lifestyle for Working Parents by Sarah Argenal

The Whole SELF Lifestyle for Working Parents offers a unique self-help alternative to the hustle-and-grind culture that’s taken over modern society, without the platitudes and one-size-fits-all solutions. With this approach, you’ll come to understand the complexities of yourself and your life as a whole, so you can make more effective choices based on what you need in each moment. Sarah Argenal helps you understand that it’s time to finally enjoy all aspects of your full life.

“I am so impressed by this book,” writes Tracy S. in her 5-star review. “No matter what you do, if you are a working parent or not, you will gain so much from reading this book. Actually, I should say you will gain so much by reading the book AND doing the work. It is not a typical ‘self-help’ book. Meaning, that it is not just going to make you feel good while reading it, and then when you are done, nothing has changed. I ended up ordering the companion workbook because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to actually make a change in my life. When reading the book, Sarah is so honest and authentic about her own journey that you don’t feel like someone is just telling you what is wrong with you, and here is what you need to do. She empowers you by having you delve deep into yourself to ask the important questions to find what will work for you. Then she gives you tools to make a real change that will last after reading the book. This book is about making the best life for you. So many people were experiencing unhappiness and burnout prior to what is happening in our world right now. This book could not have come out at a better time.”

Kimberly raves in her 5-star review, “Reading this book has helped me feel SEEN, less overwhelmed, and like someone finally gets it. Sarah’s excellent way of describing her experience as well as honoring what I’m feeling is like nothing else I’ve ever read. A must-read!”

The 48 Laws of Happiness by Rob Carpenter

In The 48 Laws of Happiness, Dr. Rob Carpenter will teach you how to be happier in every area of your life. Using practical, “how-to” self-help approaches, easily digestible mini-chapters, cutting edge research, and inspirational stories of people from around the world, Dr. Rob will show you the secrets to happiness and what you can do to overcome the common traps preventing you from being the happiest and most confident, version of yourself.

Jessica Sofia V. writes in her 5-star review, “They say common sense is not that common. I would tend to agree. While reading this book, I was able to feel the soulful stories of the amazing people, and better understand how uncommon common sense can be. I enjoyed the points after the stories, which helped explain how they’ve chosen happiness. It helped remind me that in every fragment of life, the laws allow us to choose for happiness. It’s a very helpful and inspiring book! Definitely, one to tell your friends about and talk over in circles to help empower and heal.”

“This book will not only you make you happy it will put a smile on your face as you read it,” writes Damaris S. in their 5-star review. “It will also encourage you and teach you how to live your happiest life ever. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy today no matter what your facing or going through. You owe it yourself to be happy and free!”

Happy Mind, Happy Life by Barbora Centik

Packed with actionable strategies and heartfelt advice, this practical self-help book explores how you can learn to be happier using science-backed methods to transform your mindset and create the future that you want to live. Covering how to reshape your mindsets around money, social connections, gratitude, mindfulness and so much more, Happy Mind, Happy Life provides you with a proven blueprint for enjoying a life of contentment and well-being.

“Excellent points on what creates happiness within us and how to become happier,” writes Rose L. in her 5-star review. “Each chapter covers a different point and I found some information I had not seen before. The author covers (the science-based) ‘why’ these actions work and provides many ideas on putting them into practice. I found myself already trying some of the suggestions. While the focus is on concrete actions that work with the why provided, I also appreciate knowing that the author has had real success increasing her own happiness.”

CaliLife writes in their 5-star review, “As a business owner, I’m always on the go and thus reading books very rarely. I’m glad I took the time to read this gem. Weeks later, I’m still utilizing some of the practical strategies I chose while going through the book. I was skeptical at first, but I’m starting to see results, feeling calmer, more balanced, and content. I even put reminders into my phone to stick to this.”

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