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Romance Novels To Fall for this Fall

By: Hidden Gems on September 19, 2023

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on September 19, 2023


Are you looking to fall in love this fall? Well as long as it’s a book boyfriend you’re after, we have you covered. Today we’ve brought a variety of romance novels to tickle the fancy of whatever it is you’re into, from muscled single dads to businessman bachelors. These books were popular with our ARC readers, which means you’ll probably love them as well. 

Illicit Ink

Illicit Ink by Carmen Bishop

Zander Dorsey is tall, muscled, and tattooed. He also doesn’t do relationships, which is perfect for Rose because she is not looking for one. With over 370 reviews, and an average 4.5 star rating on Amazon, Illicit Ink is a spicy, one-night stand, single dad romance.

“This is the first Dorsey Brothers book I have read, and I’m glad I jumped in,” writes Fanchon in their five-star review. “This book was a steamy read that kept me pulled in from beginning to end. We have the sexy, broody, tattooed and pierced single dad, Zander, who finds himself spending a night with the gorgeous Rose. She’s the best friend of his brother’s fiancé, and recently found her own fiancé cheating on her. Neither wants a relationship, but agree to one night with no strings. But with lives so intertwined, and their smoking chemistry, there were bound to be strings.”

“My first book by Carmen Bishop and I will definitely be reading more of her work. Illicit Ink is very well written, is uplifting and hopeful, with the perfect amount of spice (dirty talk, rough love and all around satisfying!). I couldn’t put it down! Zander is definitely my new favorite book boyfriend! He’s got it all: looks, personality, confidence, panty melting smiles, is all alpha-male, yet is completely devoted to his daughter and guarded to do right by her,” wrote Manda in their five-star review. “What starts out as just one kiss to help make her forget her ex slowly develops into forever love. Their chemistry is palpable and you can feel the emotional connection between them building with each turn of the page. My absolute favorite part of the book is the dialogue between the characters – especially between Zander and Rose. There is so much humor, excellent wit and it is exceptionally fun to read!”

Sinner's Obsession

Sinner’s Obsession by Ivy Thorn

Dani’s father is running for governor, but when sparks fly between her and Effrem, a member of the mafia, she cannot resist. They are from different worlds, and Dani fights an internal conflict between duty and desire.

“Ever a fan of Ivy Thorn, I had to give this book a read and I must say, it didn’t disappoint. It’s told in dual POV format which I find greatly helps with getting to know the characters, it’s well-written, smooth storyline, and we get a glimpse of some other characters that you might be familiar with if you’ve read some of the other books by Ivy. However, you definitely don’t need to have read them to keep up,” wrote Jessica in their five-star review. “For some reason I didn’t realize it was going to end on a cliffhanger, but I’m looking forward to part two. Part one ended right when everything hits the fan and the plot really starts to thicken, so I’m sure part two will be much anticipated by many readers.”

“I absolutely love these two together!! They are absolutely perfect!!!” wrote J. Davis in their five-star review. “On top of Efrem being just holy wow…I love the way he speaks. So articulate.

Dani seems a bit stuck her head in the sand about things, but finally stood her ground. I love how one world wove so easily into the next with this book. If you like mafia romance, you will love this.”

The Foster's Wife

The Foster’s Wife by Cindy Dorminy

Amelia Day has started a new business, teaching men how to become suitable marriage material, using her foster dog training skills. Perpetual bachelor Phin Baxtor signs up for her services due to a bet he makes with his business partner that he can’t complete Amelia’s program without changing his ways. But spending time with Amelia has Phin slipping, and he might become her biggest success.

“In addition to the very engaging romance in The Foster Wife, the love of family, friends, and pets is beautifully explored, which made this story extra special for me. The setting of this book, Nashville, is a character unto itself and I enjoyed getting to visit it on the pages and learn more about some of its landmarks and the music culture there,” wrote BrainyBlonde in their five-star review. “The Foster Wife is swoony, funny, and a little bit angsty, which is the perfect trifecta for a Romantic Comedy. Fans of the genre, as well as music and dog lovers, need to grab themselves a copy of this wonderful book and settle in for a delightful read!”

“Uplifting and entertaining,” Tracy started their five-star review with. “I found this story of a completely heartbroken woman finding a way to help men who are serial daters find their forever home and love in the process. Amelia and Phin are so well suited and their journey is far from easy, but their so well suited that it’s amazing to watch them grow closer.”

Shadow Mission

Shadow Mission by Kendall Talbot

Yasmin Sanders is being held ransom, paying for her father’s deadly mistake. Ex-army hero Cole Tanner (aka Cobra) and his team launch a covert mission in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, entering a rusted freighter and discovering a woman hiding aboard. Cobra and Yasmin are instantly attracted to each other, and must finish the mission together.

“The book was all about the mission, and I enjoyed how detailed everything was. Things don’t always go the way they planned, team members get hurt, they do some things wrong and the bad guys sometimes getting away – it just makes the story even harder to put down as you really don’t know what’s coming and you can’t help but get caught up in everything thats happening,” wrote Mrs R. in their five-star review. “Cobra and Yasmine had an instant attraction, but he doesn’t want to pull her into the mess of his past, however, things don’t go to plan. These two were great together and I like how their relationship played out.”

“There are so many twists and turns to this story you will be riveted until the very last page and leave you begging for more. I love the way this amazing author brings the story to life before your eyes and you can feel the characters’ emotions and their pain,” wrote Charleann D. in their five-star review. “I can hardly wait to see what’s next by this multi talented author.


Flint by S.J. Rowe

Jules lands on Flint’s doorstep, and now has amnesia. He is tasked with trying to figure out who she is, and has found an instant attraction to her and her humor and sassiness. 

“Wow, I don’t know that I have ever read a MC Book that was so funny! I loved the ‘talking out loud’ that Julianne did. I can so relate to someone who just thinks they are thinking to themselves, but it is heard by everyone! Julienne was detected by Flint who was on patrol at his MC when they saw a breech to their compound. He goes to check it out and low and behold, it appears that Julianne just fell off a cliff while running and can’t remember anything,” writes Anonymous in their five-star review. “Little do they know, there is so much more to her story and the entire club and Julianne’s best friends all get in on protecting and trying to get Julianne’s memory back. So much spicy, laugh out loud moments. This book was just what I needed and so refreshing from my usual MC books. This is a definite must read!”

“Easy to connect to, unique plot. Fast paced with plenty of steam and chemistry. Could not stop reading until the end and wanting more,” wrote Judy B. in their five-star review. “Another author to add to my list to read when another storyline comes out.”

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