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Women’s Fiction Novels To Add to Your Fall TBR

By: Hidden Gems on September 26, 2023

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By: Hidden Gems on September 26, 2023


Women’s Fiction varies from playful, flirty, and fun to heartfelt and deeply emotional. Today we’ve put together a list of 5 women’s fiction novels that were highly rated by Hidden Gems ARC readers recently.

The Regrettable Decision

The Regrettable Decision by Aria Emend

After going through with a marriage that had her wondering if she was making a terrible mistake, Zarayah’s new marriage has gone from bad to worse, and his secrets are revealed. Her family might be right, maybe he is not good enough for her.

“This is not your typical romance novel. This is a story of strength, resilience and most of all empowerment. The book is well written and very easy to read and brings out a lot of strong emotions,” writes Regine in their 5-star review.

“This author has an excellent way of describing the characters, setting and emotional relationships with fluidity. She made me feel like I knew the characters and was there having their experiences,” writes A.White in their 5-star review.  “I love how the author brings real situations like, mental health, abuse and family bonds up in a comfortable way, to provoke conversation.”

Where the Grass Grows Blue

Where the Grass Grows Blue by Hope Gibbs

Penny’s ex-husband’s swift remarriage to a much younger woman is the hottest topic around Atlanta’s social circles, and after a year of enduring the gossip, Penny returns to her hometown of Camden, Kentucky to settle her grandmother’s estate.

This trip back also comes with stirring up the ghosts of her childhood and dysfunctional family, and one of the greatest heartbreaks she experienced lives across the street. His name is Bradley Hitchens, her childhood best friend, and the boy who shattered her heart.

“This extraordinary debut novel is in a class of its own. FIVE BRILLIANT STARS!” writes Sue in their 5-star review. “I read and review dozens of books every year, but this extraordinary novel is in a class of its own. Familiar words like powerful, gripping, heartrending and breathtaking seem inadequate for a story that almost leaps from the pages to become an unforgettable reading experience!”

“Penny, who married into Atlanta’s elite society, has just been made a laughingstock by her cheating husband. She moves out of their house with their three boys and spends her time taking care of the kids and her garden. She’s a runner in the literal and figurative sense, never taking the time to examine her life’s baggage and emotional scars,” writes Jennifer in their 5-star review. “When she must return home to Kentucky to sell her grandma’s house, she is forced to confront her fears, old hurts and people that she never thought she would see again.

This is an emotional and heartfelt story of love, loss, second chances and coming home. Hope’s writing was deeply felt without being too lyrical. It has just the right amount of exposition to immerse yourself in the southern comfort descriptions of the characters, flowers and emotions. For fans of women’s fiction and romance, I highly recommend this debut novel!”

The Irish Fall

The Irish Fall by Brooke Gilbert

Eyre decides she has had enough and takes a flight to the heart of Ireland. Darby is a cynical and jaded Irishman, and after spotting Eyre dangerously close to the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, is drawn to her.

Soon, both of their wounded souls start to open up their hearts to each other. But is love enough to help scarred souls face what they have been running from for so long?

“I gobbled this book up in a couple of days whilst on vacation. It was such a good read and I couldn’t put it down,” writes MM in their 5-star review. “Overall, this book was an amazing comfort read and it felt like a hug. I loved the love stories, the family aspect, the community, the tour of Ireland… It was great!”

“I will begin this review by saying that my review will not do this book justice. I know that I will never be able to touch on all the good qualities of this book and the ones I do, my words will be insufficient,” writes Anonymous in their 5-star review. “I ask that you give yourself a treat and read this book.”

The House On Dogbone St.

The House On Dogbone St. by Julia Duthie

In this memoir, Julia Duthie peels back the layers of a complex and difficult childhood, and talks about the journey that made her the woman she is today. Her father is absent, her mother is struggling with depression, and Julia and her siblings are forced to take care of themselves. This is a tale of endurance and resilience that reminds us that no matter how dark the circumstances may become, there can be joy, fulfillment and love for you.

“Raw, relatable tale of resilience and triumph, rich with optimism and humor,” writes Carlos in their 5-star review. “The author’s candid recollection of her tumultuous childhood serves as a testament to her remarkable resilience. Despite the heartbreaking experiences shared, the book is suffused with an inspiring sense of optimism. The author’s ability to convey her struggles with humor and lightness adds a unique touch, making the journey more relatable and engaging for readers. As an exploration of one woman’s triumph over adversity, the book serves as a powerful reminder that our past does not define our future. It’s a truly motivating read that encapsulates the strength of the human spirit.”

“What a story! It was a pleasure going through this book – a tale of pain, passion and ultimately triumph,” writes Charmaine in their 5-star review. “There are lots of life lessons to learn in this emotional book where the author allows herself to be vulnerable by sharing her story in brutal honesty. A good read!”

No Good Lie

No Good Lie by Claire Stibbe

When Freya finds a woman’s body on the beach, she cannot help but notice the similarities to her daughter’s tragic death. Soon, letters arrive with chilling threats, weird sounds keep her up at night, and Freya knows someone’s been in her house. Because of her past actions, someone is determined that she must suffer.

“This is the first book that I’ve read by Claire Stibbe and it definitely won’t be the last! What I loved most about No Good Lie is how easy it was to connect to both the antagonist and the protagonist. I enjoyed the alternating points of view between the characters and the fact that they were complex,” writes Angie in their 5-star review. “This book hits all the marks!”

“Claire Stibbe is an excellent writer who takes you into her world of intrigue and makes you keep wanting to read more as the story unfolds,” writes Lorraine in their 5-star review. “The feeling of ‘Big Brother’, is watching the female lead and not knowing who it is sends shivers as she makes you feel as though you are seeing the story unfold through her eyes… very well executed, a true professional writer and story teller.”

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