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Romantic Novels to Add a Little Spring To Your Heart

By: Hidden Gems on April 2, 2024

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on April 2, 2024


Are you looking for some romances to add a little spring to your heart? Today we’ve rounded up a collection that includes 5 romantic novels that have been popular and well-liked by Hidden Gems ARC readers recently.

Ruthless Saints

Ruthless Saints by Ella Jade

Luciana convinces herself that her arranged marriage is merely a guise for espionage, but once drawn into Romero’s world, she realizes he exerts control over every aspect of her existence. Despite her initial resistance, she finds herself drawn to him. Is she becoming just another possession for a man accustomed to getting everything he desires, or is she an unwitting pawn in a dangerous game? As she spends more time with Romero, she discovers his disdain for traitors, a perilous revelation given her true motives. Saying no to her family seems dangerous, but the stakes intensify when Romero learns she’s there to set him up.

“This is a fantastic dark mafia romance, the story is original with interesting storylines that captivated my attention through the entire book,” wrote Bette in their five-star review. “You will find drama, twists, thrilling suspense, and steamy romance in this cleverly plotted story.”

“This book was fast, steamy and intense!!” wrote Rebecca C. in her five-star review. “Luciana and Romero are a hot couple, he’s an alpha male whose possessive and protective and she’s a feisty stubborn woman who has a meek and innocent side to her and is just discovering her desires and needs with her new husband. Even the small cliffy at the end was steamy and definitely left you wanting and needing more!!”

Clash of Wills

Clash of Wills by Audrey Flynn

Ruby Slater inherits a grand mansion in Lion Country after her Cleveland bistro burns down. Seeking a fresh start in South Africa’s Marulaspruit, she plans to restore her late uncle’s Jacaranda Mansion. However, local builder Sam Duvenage claims legal rights to the property, and a dangerous poaching syndicate threatens them both. As danger looms and sparks fly between Ruby and Sam, they must set aside their differences to evade deadly criminals closing in around them.

“Ruby has to be one of my favorite characters of all time. I admire her grit and determination in the face of adversity and her fighting spirit. She’s the kind of girl you’d want backing your corner! And then there’s Sam (insert blushing emoji here), the bad boy turned good,” wrote Rebecca B. in her five-star review.“ This is a book I will be reading again and again. Five stars!”

“This scorching romance set in South Africa has it all; a compelling enemies to lovers romance, phenomenal scenery, action and intrigue,” wrote Randy J. in their five-star review. “The characters are so relatable and the story line is fast-paced. Highly recommended.”

The Care of a Cowboy

The Care of a Cowboy by Elsie Davis

In the sun-kissed expanse of Crossroads Creek, Max Turner’s dream of reclaiming his family’s ranch is unexpectedly paused. Desperate for a job and housing, Max faces scarcity in ranch foreman positions. Lucy Carrington, running the family ranch against her traditional father’s expectations, is unaware of her father’s secret deal with Max. Entrusted to work on the ranch and report back, Max discovers he is the guardian of Crystal, a twelve-year-old niece he never knew existed. Together, they navigate the complexities of their roles, unveiling the transformative power of love, resilience, and the true meaning of family in the Texan countryside.

The Care of a Cowboy by Elsie Davis is a delightful addition to the Crossroads Creek Series. With two main characters that are likable, hardworking, and motivated but also not perfect,” wrote Anonymous in their five-star review. “Lucy and Max may not want to keep secrets but they do so. I enjoyed how they were co-workers, then friends before anything more developed between them. Right when I thought I knew how their story was going to go, Ms. Davis presents a major twist. This kept the story a page-turner.”

“A clean romance that highlights the values of hard work, forgiveness, family, and justice, while also celebrating growth, honesty, and the pros and cons of small town life,” wrote Anonymous in their five-star review.

Snowed In at the Archive

Snowed In at the Archive by Ellie Thornton

Getting snowed in is the last thing Attorney Mila Thomas needs, especially with Alec, a guy who once kissed her and walked away. Desperate to save three beloved buildings in her hometown, Mila reluctantly seeks Alec’s help. Despite their complicated history, they find themselves snowed in together at an old church over Christmas, with only 48 hours to save the buildings. As snow piles up outside and attraction sparks between them, Alec and Mila must rely on a Christmas miracle for their happily ever after.

“This was a fabulous cozy romance I read in one sitting. Excellent characters inhibited a solid story that brings the love interests together in a perfect ‘stranded’ situation,” wrote Cynthia M. in her five-star review. “Highly recommend for those who like some action mixed in with their sweet romance.”

“So twisted,” wrote Shelley R. in her five-star review. “The push and pull of the two main characters but the fact that they are stranded at a church because of a blizzard and threats loom over them because someone wants her dead such a great book funny comedy couldn’t put it down, it was so amazing.”

Reckless Hunger

Reckless Hunger by Maxine Henri

Tired of being the good girl, Ivy decides to let go and give her v-card to the infamous bad boy billionaire in the art world, Andrea Cassinetti. Despite the age difference and his flaws, her professor becomes addicted to her. Andrea, known for his vices and arrogant artistry, finds himself captivated by Ivy’s purity. Their forbidden desires and burning obsessions unfold as Andrea is determined to make Ivy his own, even if it means both of them will be consumed by the flames.

“The writing style of this author just takes my breath away! Invokes feelings that I didn’t want to feel! This build-up love story omg!” wrote Tabitha H. in her five-star review. “Then the little rip your heart out! Then love finds a way! Like really!! Can’t wait to read more from her!!”

“I totally have loved all the books that I’ve read by Maxine! She definitely knows how to weave a story together and this one is no exception. I have wanted to hear Andrea’s story from the moment he got his face punched in the last book,” wrote Anonymous in their five-star review. “This story was full of feels, emotions, angst, and heat. They are both so damaged and wounded by their past that they are the perfect halves of a pair! I absolutely loved the way the story unfolded and the way they were pulled into each other orbits in the best way. They healed through their art and their closeness.”

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