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Sci-Fi Novels To Explore This Year

By: Hidden Gems on March 26, 2024

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on March 26, 2024


We’ve compiled 5 out-of-this-world titles that took Hidden Gems ARC readers on a captivating journey to extraordinary dimensions. Explore this list and get ready to embark on your next exhilarating journey with these top-rated reads.

The World Isn't Ready

The World Isn’t Ready by Kevin Mitchel

It’s the year 1959, and Arnie Gibson, an amateur archaeologist, stumbles upon a mysterious artifact while walking his dog. Intrigued, he brings it home and, during examination, unwittingly activates it. Little does he know that the peculiar dust within the artifact, upon touching his fingers, triggers a profound transformation in his life. Enhanced eyesight, newfound mathematical prowess, and heightened physical capabilities all result from the powder, whose exclusive intent is to uplift humanity.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but decided to give it a whirl (this genre is far outside what I normally read) and I am glad I did,” wrote Jessica P. in her four-star review. “The characters drew me in and kept me wanting more.”

“Flashbacks, aliens, crazy twists…” wrote Anonymous in their four-star review. “This sci-fi read is quick, entertaining, and hard to put down!”

Archer 887

Archer 887 by Anna Schroeder

In the aftermath of an unknown invasion, the Caprician Empire faces imminent defeat. With colonies and rivals forced to unite for the system’s defense, Arsaces Wood, once resented and shunned, commands the AI warship Westerland. Amidst the desperate fight, he uncovers betrayal from those he trusted, unveiling secrets that not only jeopardize his life but also threaten the worlds he fights to save.

“I loved the characters and the range of personalities,” wrote Katie B. in her five-star review. “The story wove around in a way that was unpredictable but came full circle in a perfect conclusion. The characters’ relationships are a new approach to how you become close to someone and learn, grow, and appreciate them.”

“Well written, crisp sentences draw you into a completely foreign, and yet so humanly familiar, world. Fear and love.” wrote Anonymous in their five-star review. “What could be better?”

The Doorway

The Doorway by Jesse L. Watson

Renowned FBI Agent Gene Wyke, considered the best in his field, faces an unprecedented challenge when tasked with finding a missing girl in an alternate realm. Stationed high in the Colorado mountains, Gene’s seemingly routine assignment to locate ten-year-old Marigold Riley takes a surreal turn when her twin sister, Katie, mysteriously vanishes as well. To rescue them, Gene must embrace the unimaginable, and the journey demands more than Gene’s cunning and expertise; it requires his heart, leaving an indelible mark on his very essence.

“This was a great book. The character development made you really care about them,” wrote Robert B. in his five-star review. “Good descriptive story telling, it was hard to put down. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series!”

“This is such an amazing tale that it’s easy to immerse yourself in its world. And the writing is superb,” wrote Dave in his five-star review. “As a 76-year-old who has read countless science fiction novels, I am truly surprised at how much I love this one.”

Iron Crow

Iron Crow by Kim Petersen

In the ruins of Seattle, the aristocratic Nest, led by Lord Corvus, towers over the underprivileged Hydrans. Scraping for survival beneath Lake Union, Rayna’s world shifts when a mysterious boy reveals a haunting secret. Now faced with the choice between truth and sacrifice or succumbing to impending chaos, Rayna must decide her destiny. Will she ignite a rebellion, reshaping their fates, or succumb to the rule of the Iron Crow?

“Anyone who is a fan of the Hunger Games series will also like this as there are some similarities that are highly engaging,” wrote Phil B. in their five-star review. “The action is fast, and the narrative is very entertaining.”

“The characters are interesting and relatable, particularly the main character, Rayna, who is deeply conflicted about whether to continue following the established norms or risk uncovering the truth about her community, even if it means rebellion and death,” wrote Robin G. in their five-star review. “This sets the scene for the next book, which I am eagerly anticipating. I love this storyline and would even stay up late to get the chance to read the release of the next book, Battle Crow.”


Kinfolk by August Niehaus

Kin Hanford, a troubled space pirate, faces personal and existential challenges. Struggling with family discord, financial woes, and his own demons, Kin must choose between risking everything to save his crew, the Damn Shames, or abandoning them in a deadly game orchestrated by intergalactic socialite Tana Zaalis. As he confronts monsters, rivals, and internal conflicts, Kin discovers the true meaning of loyalty and sacrifice in the face of adversity.

“A great start to a new sci-fi series. The story is full of action and fast paced,” wrote Ron B. in his five-star review. “The characters are well developed and the story has an interesting plot. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.”

“Okay…I wanted to slap the main character and shake some sense into him. But as pieces of his background/traumas unfold, I understood his arrested development,” wrote Amy in her five-star review. “This is an ensemble cast and one thing I found refreshing was that they had disagreements and conflict, some in-fighting, and straight up different lifestyles, yet no ultimatums to fall in line. This crew’s captain clearly collects oddballs and makes a family out of them, I appreciated Fray’s way of challenging and support. Kin’s fealty was clearly his own making, not a demand.”

Hidden Gems ARC readers got to read these sci-fi novels first, so if you want more stories that will take you to otherworldly realms, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres of their choosing – for free. Authors send these out in the hopes that the readers will write an honest review once they’re done.

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