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Scintillating Science Fiction Novels

By: Hidden Gems on August 13, 2019

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on August 13, 2019


This week we’re looking back at some of the amazing science fiction novels shared with subscribers – picking those that our readers highlighted as true ‘Hidden Gems’ of the genre. If you’re looking to add a bit of futurism to your summer reading list, this is a great place to start.

Survive the Chaos by Grace HamiltonSurvive the Chaos by Grace Hamilton

As technology advances, the apocalyptic fantasies of traditional science fiction become closer and closer to the realm of reality. One such example is this taut novel, by momma-bear author Grace Hamilton. She based her thrilling Small Town EMP series on her own experiences after being trapped with her four children in a mountain cabin for four days – which gave her a vivid glimpse into what it might be like to try and live in a society robbed of the modern technology we’ve become too reliant on.

“Most highly recommended for multiple reasons,” writes Serenity, an Amazon Hall of Fame and Top 10 Reviewer. “Solid plot, well-developed characters and action on nearly every page. Society breaks down in a hurry – and I’m patiently awaiting the next one in this series.”

“An EMP has left the world in chaos, and a father’s only concern is getting back to his daughter,” writes reviewer Beatrice, in her 5-star review. “This book was a real page turner. I really felt for the characters and worried about what was going to happen to them. There was so much intrigue in the book it could also easily be classified as a mystery as well as post apocalyptic.”

Vine Voice reviewer Mark Carnelley wrote: “Realistic scenarios and characters come to life as a powerful new group, the New World Order, seek total world domination following their setting off EMPs and wreaking havoc amongst the terrified survivors of civilization left in ruins. Five pulsating stars for this fast-paced thriller!”

Friction: Written By Blood by Dwayne GillFriction: Written By Blood by Dwayne Gill

Based in a future so close to our own that you might classify this book as more of a thriller, the second installment of Dwayne Gill‘s Written By Blood series is such a great read that I was compelled to include it here. The action follows on from the previous installment, in which a government assassin and a convicted murderer have to embark on a suicide mission to the Middle East to liberate the only man who might be able to foil a terrorist’s apocalyptic scheme… but in doing so, they leave the people they most care about achingly vulnerable.

Reviewer Marty Gayle gave the book a well-deserved 5-stars, writing: “It’s not hard to believe that this sort of scenario could become reality in the not so distant future. The main characters are tough and rough and capable of inflecting pain on the ‘marked men’ that threaten to unleash unprecedented evil on an unsuspecting nation. This book moves the reader quickly from scene to scene but they’re never left behind. A great read that will leave you hoping that this is not the last you’ll ever see of our three misfits, Cane, Daniel and James. The world we live in today needs more heroes like these guys!”

Manie Kilian writes: “Dwayne Gill creates a chilling thriller unlike any you will have encountered up til now. Each of the 500 pages will get rifled through so fast that you’re likely get friction blisters in the process. The whole book oozes tension, action, twists and surprising developments galore. In fact, the entire Written by Blood series is not to be missed and is highly recommended.”

The End War by Mark Gillespie The End War by Mark Gillespie 

Like any self-respecting Scotsman, author Mark Gillespie is firmly focused on the oncoming apocalypse – and he’s created an incredible catalog of books based on exploring all the delicious possibilities of the worst-case-scenario. The After the End trilogy is just part of this library; but a great place to jump into the author’s dark visions, tight writing and highly original ideas. In this, the third book in the trilogy, we visit the haunted ghost town that Boston has become, as survivor Eda Becker realizes that the end of civilization is just the start of a terrifying new conflict.

“If you love post-apocalyptic novels, then read this series now,” demands reviewer Kiwimrsmac – and having given the book 5-stars, who’s to argue with her? She writes: “There is no way anyone could predict how this trilogy could end, and isn’t that the beauty of finding a great author? One who you know will take you on a fantastic journey through desolated America, with only a dog and a sword. If you haven’t read any of the books by Mark Gillespie, and if you love post-apocalyptic novels, then read this series now.”

“A very believable set of events that you could really see happening, given our arguably unstable president,” writes reviewer Cjsinnott. “That’s the heart of what makes this a truly scary dystopian novel – the plausibility of it all. It’s a warning of what could happen if we don’t start working together – not just in our country, but globally.”

The Storm by Christine D. ShuckThe Storm by Christine D. Shuck

Christine D. Shuck is a terrific author, who spans genres with the thrilling Benton Security Series as well as this book, which is the first in the War’s End series. For me, the really compelling twist of this book was throwing a pregnant woman into a dystopian, post-apocalyptic society; forcing her to make decisions not just for her own survival, but that of her unborn child.

Reviewer joe midwest usa gave the book 5-stars, writing: “This story is different. To me, it is unforgettable – although I would like to forget some of the parts portrayed. It is a heartbreaking, but uplifting story of a group of young children who are thrust into a very grown up and scary World, and how they deal with the grief and savagery around them. It is also about love, and finding family where you least expect.”

“This could happen,” warns reviewer Virginia E. Johnson in her 5-star review. “I like the author’s writing, but I must admit this was a horrific tale to follow. There is rape, torture, and vicious killing of the young and elderly. America is under the guns of every vicious would-be army of killers and violent men without humanity that ever played war. They travel with their tent whores – young girls captured from towns they rape and pillage. It’s not a story easily read, but it does serve to show us what could happen in a lawless state of no government or law. The army takes what it wants, and does what it will, and there are no repercussions. Read this book, and appreciate your local law and city government, for without them we would live in a world of chaos. It could happen if we’re not awake and prepared for the eventuality. Highly recommended.”

Radioactive Revolution by Richard Hummel and illustrated by Dusan MarkovicRadioactive Revolution by Richard Hummel

If they could promise fire-breathing dragons at the end of the world, I might not feel so bad about the apocalypse – which is the most obvious twist in Richard Hummel‘s vividly realized post-apocalyptic Radioactive series. Featuring some truly unique visions of a world that survives after “the end”, it’s no wonder that fans have praised the stark yet hopeful vision of a dark future that Hummel has created.

“Amazing series,” writes Corey Boyd in a glowing 5-star review. “So, I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting the plot twists towards the end, I genuinely enjoyed how some of the main cast are being given their own chances at happiness in a world full of conflict and betrayal. The main character’s growth unlike many other series is slow and controlled verses all at once.”

Jan farnworth praises the vivid world-building, writing: “The description of bonding with the dragons, and one character with a phoenix, are quite engrossing. We also spend a lot more time in this novel learning about how the ‘nanities’ can be used to enhance and improve not only your body but the creature you bond with. We also get to meet more dragons, which is really the hook for me. I love different stories that revolve around dragons. This book is no exception!”

If you’re a fan of science fiction, you’ll receive the opportunity to read FREE out-of-this-world books just like the ones featured above – plus your choice of 15 other genres – when you sign up to Hidden Gems!

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