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Spirituality Themed Books to Expand Your Mind

By: Hidden Gems on December 12, 2023

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By: Hidden Gems on December 12, 2023


Spirituality themed books encompass a diverse array of subjects. Individual beliefs and sources of inspiration vary from person to person of course, but we’ve curated a selection of books on faith and spirituality that received high praise from Hidden Gems ARC reviewers. Explore the list to discover your next enlightening read.

Christ vs Satan - The Second Coming of Christ

Christ vs Satan – The Second Coming of Christ: Lucifer Rebellion. The Real Matrix Series by Trinity Royal

Have you ever pondered the eternal conflict between God and the Devil? Have you questioned the origins of the War in Heaven or delved into the significance of Lucifer’s Rebellion? Do you find yourself wondering about the connection between the celestial battle and its manifestation on Earth, as well as the persistent presence of darkness? Author Trinity Royal will take you on a journey beyond space and time to find the answers.

“I absolutely loved this book and am convinced only five stars will do. The author has put together truths, that to many will be well established in their minds and has made the prophetic ‘come to life’. The author’s intent is made clear at the beginning and that was to illuminate the war of all wars transcending our planet and even space and time itself,” wrote Steve in their 5-star review. “There is a clear analysis of the original fall of Lucifer and the redemptive work of Christ. I admit, I was fascinated by the idea of other planets being ruled by supernatural beings and, while there may be tiny fragments of theology I have difficulty in agreeing with, it is well worth the read.”

“I would highly recommend this book (along with part 1) to anyone looking for a highly deep and entertaining book,” wrote Carol M in their 5-star review.


GOD’s GUARANTEES: Promises of God by White Light Words by Geoffrey Kilgore

Discover a source of blessings, peace, and strength as you delve into the profound promises of God. Tailored for men, women, moms, teens, and young adults, this book unveils the richness of faith, success, prosperity, and hope. Offering a unique blend of devotional insights and a combined study of the Old and New Testaments, it invites you to explore the goodness of God’s promises.

“It’s good for new believers and rooted Christians that might need a quick answer or deeper meaning to what God has promised you. Each chapter is a category, such as Worry, Trusting God, Strength, Protection, and more. It lays out a beginning for the chapter. It may be a quote or a statement or comment. Then it poses questions and gives to answers them, such as scriptures and short teachings on what they mean,” wrote Anonymous in their 5-star review. “The author often gives you the meaning of a word in the original Hebrew or Greek to show a deeper meaning of the scripture. You can pretty much pick any page and start reading. The teaching is really good and has a lot of answers. It’s the kind of book you would keep and refer to often.”

Flora C raved in their 5-star review, “I love everything about this book and dislike absolutely nothing. When I stated reading the first chapter, Blessings, I knew that I would be utilizing my understanding in my Sunday school class.”

The Everyday Witch's Spell Jar Handbook

The Everyday Witch’s Spell Jar Handbook: Unleash Transformation – Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Your Own Spells & Compendium of Powerful Recipes for Protection, Health, Love, Prosperity, & Beyond by White Lights Words

Embark on a mystical journey into the realm of ancient magical practices with this comprehensive guide to spell jar magic. Whether you’re a novice seeking foundational knowledge or an experienced practitioner in search of diverse and potent spell jar recipes, this manual has you covered.

Explore the deep history and principles of spell jar magic to establish a robust understanding of its mystical roots. Beginners will find user-friendly instructions guiding them through the process of crafting their own spells, while seasoned practitioners can delve into over 50 powerful spell jar recipes for protection, health, love, prosperity, and more.

Whether you’re taking your first step into the world of witchcraft or looking to enhance your magical repertoire, this handbook promises to be an indispensable companion on your enchanting journey. Unleash the timeless energy of spell jar magic and tap into the allure of ancient mysticism.

“If you find this topic interesting – you’re gonna love this book. The author starts of with the history of witchcraft, continuing to spell jar artistry with lists of materials and tools recommended and than goes on to the magic of full moon ceremony,” wrote Maya R in their 5-star review. “I really enjoyed this read, connecting to your higher self is the most important step on this journey of life and Witchcraft is only one of many ways to do so. Highly recommended!”

“Really neat book for a variety of readers. This book goes into the history of witchcraft, tools for practice, and even discusses the full the moon ceremony,” wrote Chey in their 5-star review. “Would definitely recommend for anyone that’s spiritual or into the idea of witchcraft.”

The Spiritual Meanings of Numbers

The Spiritual Meanings of Numbers: How to Embrace the Synchronicities of Angel Numbers and Achieve the Magic of Manifestation (Spiritual Guidance) by Belle Motley

Following her mother’s death, Belle Motley found solace in an unexpected haven: the mystical realm of Angel Numbers. Through these sacred sequences, she discerned her mother’s continued connection, guidance, and communication. Belle’s exploration of the profound energy within numbers and the art of manifestation extended beyond personal healing; she now ardently endeavors to share the same solace and understanding with you. Join her on a transformative journey, where the language of numbers becomes a bridge to connection, healing, and profound insight.

“I’ve always been intrigued by numerology, and I’ve never known until now that “angel numbers” are a true part of that!” wrote Rickey G in their 5-star review. “This book was so great!”

Donna P explained in their 5-star review, “This book has changed my whole perspective on them & I have a full understanding of them now that I didn’t before. No more questioning my path thanks to this book. Belle Motley has a beautiful gift & I’m so grateful she has decided to share it with the rest of us.”

A State of Mind

A State of Mind (Altered States of Awareness) by Dillon Jepsen

Explore the depths of existence with A State of Mind, your guide to profound insights beyond public awareness. Dillon Jepsen, at 19, delved into dreamlike realities due to a mental disorder, unraveling hidden dimensions and gaining a fundamental understanding of reality. Embracing a connection with an extension of his character named Mark, Jepsen’s journey unveils a unique perspective on the Divine Universe.

This book beckons those ready to challenge their perception of reality and seek a connection between life and a greater existence. Jepsen’s compelling narrative blurs the lines between rational reality and the limitless realm of creative imagination. Join this exploration into the unknown, where revelations shape knowledge, and the distinction of the Divine creates intrinsic purpose to our reality and existence. A State of Mind is your invitation to journey into the mysterious and uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

“The book will raise awareness about self-evaluation among the readers and motivate them to make positive changes in their life. The writing style is elegant and straightforward, giving readers a sense of satisfaction,” wrote Vinit B in their 5-star review. “The book offers an opportunity for readers to connect with their inner self and inspire them to a new level of understanding. I will recommend this capitative short book to every reader.”

“The author takes a mix of experience, research, and God to take us through a full guided journey to better ourselves and our minds,” wrote Lea I in their 5-star review. “The author lays it all out including his most traumatic life experiences in order to teach us lessons that will change our lives. He guides you through the inner workings of his own mind and his thought processes and leaves no stone unturned. I recommend to all that are willing to open their minds.”

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