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Hot and Steamy Summer Romance Reading List!

By: Hidden Gems on July 30, 2019

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By: Hidden Gems on July 30, 2019


There’s nothing better to enjoy on a hot summer day than a similarly steamy romance story. But whether you prefer things sweet or scorching, clean or raunchy, you’ll get your pick of the latest releases delivered direct to your inbox, for free, as a subscriber to Hidden Gems. For those that do like their romance on the spicier side, here are a few stand-out titles that we sent to our readers this summer and that fans went nuts for overall.

Baiting the Royal by Nancy CorriganBaiting the Royal by Nancy Corrigan

Pennsylvania-based author Nancy Corrigan has earned a loyal contingent of fans with her sizzling Shifter Romances; which feature tortured heroes, feisty heroines, and edge-of-your-seat excitement paired with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. In this title, you’ll meet Lyla and Uri; and ride along as they fight for their lives against a brutal killer – and find love along the way.

“Love all of Nancy’s shifter books,” writes fan Lyn, in her 5-star review. “This book of Uri and Lyla did not disappoint, plenty of sexual tension between them from the beginning, twists and turns throughout and evil hunting them and their loved ones down. Leaving me intrigued/anxious/on the edge of my seat and not able to stop reading till the end. Nancy brings into this series new characters and some of the old characters we have grown to love, adding to the story line and leaving us wondering whether each character we meet will be lucky enough to have their story told. As always, looking forward to the next book in the series and the newest couple.”

One of the common stumbling blocks to entering a series like this is how deeply you have to know the shared universe all the characters inhabit. Review Reader reassures those considering clicking the Buy Now button: “It reads like a standalone book that keeps you on edge from start to finish. It covers action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, enemies, survival, humor, mystery, lots of secrets, surprises from start to finish it is the reason you won’t be able to put this book down.”

A Woman Like Her by Hannalore JonesA Woman Like Her by Hannalore Jones

Although this is the first book by Hannalore Jones, it’s an instantly immersive, fast-paced romance thriller guaranteed to have you biting your nails. The story follows seductive Seri, who is assigned to lure a terrorist into her clutches to clear her father’s name. However, as sparks crackle between her and Sam, her agency handler, the stakes becomes ever higher, and Seri increasingly questions just what she’s willing to sacrifice to achieve her goals.

“This is suspenseful, erotic, dangerous, and very well written. The banter, sexual and spy stuff, is very well done.,” writes reviewer Charles Smith in his 5-star review, describing the title as: “A suburb erotic spy thriller.”

Reviewer R. Huiszoon delves deep into the story that goes beyond traditional romance, writing: “Seri’s actions as an untrained, but very talented, intelligent undercover agent result in a suspenseful plot and the author describes with insight the mentality of Islamic terrorists. There are many intrigues, dangerous action scenes and a lot about the attitude to women of Islamic men. The author also writes with credibility how the love between Sam/Lucas and Seri develops even though they at first don’t trust each other because of the difficult start of their relationship.
So, for me the book was a pleasure to read.”

“So good! One on the best romance suspense story with lots of steam!” Gin writes, in her 5-star review. “Breathtaking in so many ways! Super spies, evil baddies, a hot heroine and a killer plot. I love a good romance suspense story and this is one of the best. From the fantastic characters to the danger and intrigue to the outstanding storytelling, it all is so incredible that I read straight through to the heart-stopping ending. It starts out fast and doesn’t stop. I love the boss women in this story. They outdid the men!”

All Your Tomorrows by Jessica MarloweAll Your Tomorrows by Jessica Marlowe

Fast-paced, rock star romances form the foundation of author Jessica Marlowe‘s burgeoning catalog, and she’s already earned praise and loyalty from tons of eager new fans. In the third of her Rocked By Love series, Jessica continues the story of Jack and Emily, who navigate the twisting turns of love and passion in the spotlights of worldwide superstardom.

“Third times a charm!” Writes reviewer Erika Harvey Nichols. “Great ending to the trilogy! Jessica Marlowe was able to bring all the subplots and the main character to there best endings flawlessly and simply while giving us little hints of other stories for some members of this rock star family. I loved that there was a well developed and consistent cast of secondary characters to deepen the overall story through these three books. Hoping there will be a few spin off books in the near future! I definitely recommend this series especially for those who are rock star romance lovers.”

LSE587 gave the book 5-stars, writing: “If you love books with strong characters that tackle challenging subjects, with realistic characters and an undercurrent of suspense, this is the book … and the series for you! Download it now. It’s the start of summer in the US and this is just the book / series for you to loose yourself as you soak up sun and relax!”

Snapdragon by Kilby BladesSnapdragon by Kilby Blades

Author Kilby Blades has earned a litany of fans with her series – and also a shelf-full of awards, including being a 2017 Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Prize Semi-Finalist, winning a 2018 HOLT Medallion Award of Merit and earning the 2018 Emma Award for Best Debut Author. The themes of this book – whether or not to choose love in a world which pressures us to achieve personal success – resonated strongly with audiences and makes a taut and emotional thread to weave this sexy tale around.

“Can they really give so freely without strings attached?” JoJo Maxson asks in her 5-star review. “Kilby Blades enthralls us with two lonely professionals who long for a companion who allows them to keep their career as a top priority. When things get too complicated all they have to say is snapdragon to end it, with no hurt feelings. They build off each other’s friendship and find that they are able to boost the other’s career. But the reader continually wonders which will be the ruling factor in the end, the career or relationship.”

“Mesmerizing. Superb,” writes Purple. “Oh my. This book is so much more than ‘just’ a modern romance story. Based on the description I thought it would be a light romp with a lot of explicit scenes. It does have those, worked seamlessly into the plot…but it is so, so much more. The characters have amazing depth and complicated back stories that make their relationship complex and mesmerizing. The backdrop of money and glitzy settings is there, but at the heart of the story is the characters’ vulnerability and gradual building of trust in each other. The more they reveal to each other the more the reader is drawn in to the story. I didn’t want to read the chapter headings ahead of time because the anticipation that something was going to happen was so intense. I had no idea how the story would end.”

Mission: Impossible to Love by by Jacki DeleckiMission: Impossible to Love by by Jacki Delecki

In her Impossible Mission Romantic Suspense Series bestselling romantic suspense author Jacki Delecki weaves taut and fast-paced tales of smart, resourceful heroines and tough, principled heroes and the impossible odds they need to overcome to find their happily-ever-after. In this third tale in the series, you’ll meet brilliant programmer Izzy – who is in the sights of murderous adversaries when she develops an AI drone that threatens to change the world of surveillance terrorism – and only Marine-in-a-mission Sten stands in the way of a very sticky end.

“Smart and sexy,” writes Ellie K. “If you like strength and intelligence in your romance novels, along with a perfect blend of humor, action, intensity and hot love scenes, then Mission: Impossible to Love is the book you HAVE to have today!”

“I really enjoyed this story and the suspense and romance it held. It was very hard to put down, just one more page then one more became addictive to find out what happened next,” writes Wendy 11 in her 5-star review. “This is the second book in this series that I’ve reviewed and I enjoyed this as much as the first. All of the characters are entwined and work well together.”

In a 5-star review, Vine Voice MyOhMy writes: “This is the third book in the series and while it stands alone, you’ll get some background information if you read the other books (which are worth it!) Loved both Sten and Izzy. Izzy is truly smart and has good ideas and Sten really doesn’t underestimate her once he gets to know her. I like a female lead that doesn’t need help. I also like a strong alpha man that let’s his woman be herself and that’s what these characters are. Two strong people that become better together. Great chemistry and a great suspense. Keep turning those pages – there’s at least one more book in this series.”

Remember, whatever your summer standbys – romance, sci-fi, thrillers or more – you’ll get as many books as you can read delivered direct to your inbox as a subscriber to Hidden Gems. Sign up today, select your favorite genres, and stand by to get reading and reviewing!

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