10 Bad Boys You Hate To Love

By: Hidden Gems on June 7, 2017

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By: Hidden Gems on June 7, 2017


Bad Boys.

You know you should stay away from them, but you’re inexplicably drawn. Is it the tattoos? The attitude? The washboard abs? Whatever it is, you can’t resist…

These are the men that you should avoid at all costs – they’re powerful, often with a strong sense of self or an attitude that the world owes them something and they’re willing to take it by any means necessary. The last thing you should do is fall for them, or get caught up in their world.

Here are 10 of the hottest bad boy romance novels around. Each is well reviewed by hundreds of other women that couldn’t resist their charms.

Go on and click on these hard-bodied bad boys. It’s no use fighting it… you know you want to!

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Cocky Prick cover

Cocky Prick – Tessa Thorne

Rocco is a hitman used to doing his job and walking away. But his latest client, Caitlyn, doesn’t bring him an easy case. And even if he can figure out a way to protect her from her abusive ex without ending up dead or in jail, she isn’t someone he thinks he’ll ever be able to walk away from…

Pierce Me coverPierce Me – Simone Sowood

Looking to heat up her sex life leads Eloise to seek out a piercing that she’s heard can spice things up. Only Gabe, the man running the tattoo parlor she visits, is someone from her past that always harbored a secret crush on her. He’s not about to let her go a second time…

Dirty English coverDirty English – Ilsa Madden-Mills

Dirty English has more than 1000 reviews and got to #8 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list – and for good reason! Declan is mixed up in illegal fight clubs and represents everything that Elizabeth has sworn to stay away from. But you know how it is with bad boys – you just can’t ever stay away for long!

Spring Training coverSpring Training – KB Winters

Professional athletes often have a reputation for being bad boys, and for good reason. Justin Calloway is no exception. He can have his pick of beautiful women, but for some reason he sets his sight on Grace. Shy, a bit nerdy, and a virgin. She tries to keep her distance, but she never had a chance…

Beauty and the Billionaire coverBeauty and the Billionaire – Kira Blakely

Hardened by years in the military, and then a self-made billionaire, Drake isn’t looking for relationships, he’s just looking for some steamy fun. But when his path crosses with the innocent Belle, he knows he has to have her and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. This is a steamy and slightly dark take on a favorite fairy tale, and is not a book to miss!

Filthy Doctor cover

Filthy Doctor – Amy Brent

A hot and eligible surgeon, never without a woman in his bed, Doctor Cole has become the sexiest man Lucy has ever seen – a definite change from the nerdy man she knew years ago when he was her first.  Is it time to rekindle what they’d left behind? Is he even interested in her anymore?

In Her Words cover

In Her Words – London Casey and others

In Her Words is the first of the St. Skin novels, a collaboration between amazing authors, and each book is fantastic and well-reviewed. There is a lot of meat to this story, but it involves rock and roll, hot sex, and plenty of love and loss. Once you read this one, you’ll need to read the rest!

Cocky Rockstar coverCocky Rockstar: Gabriel Cocker – Faleen Hopkins

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is book 10 of the Cocker Brothers of Atlanta.  Each book is completely stand-alone, but you’ll probably want to read the rest of them after this one anyway.  Gabriel loves the rockstar life of music and sex, with settling down the last thing on his mind. He just didn’t count on meeting Paige.

Silver and Chrome coverSilver and Chrome – Aubrey St. Clair

What’s more bad boy than a motorcycle club president?  How about one that is also the billionaire CEO of his own company? Sebastian has a hard time keeping those two lives separate, and has gone to great pains to make sure that they stay that way – with no one knowing both sides of his identity. That is, until Evelyn comes along…

Leashing the Virgin coverLeashing the Virgin – Riley Rolins

Kaine knows only power and control. He doesn’t care about love or relationships. Money provides everything he needs, which is why he is at a club bidding on Grace for the evening. But Grace is only there to help her mother, and doesn’t want to be standing on the auction block. Certainly not to be bought by someone like Kaine…

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