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Mystery Novels To Keep You Guessing

By: Hidden Gems on August 23, 2022

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on August 23, 2022


If your detective cap and magnifying glass are always at the ready to figure out “whodunit,” this list is for you. We’ve got one for everybody on this round-up of recently top rated mystery novels that our Hidden Gems ARC readers raved about.

Murder in the Gardens

Murder in the Gardens by Colette Clark

With over 400 ratings and an average of 4.5 stars, Murder in the Gardens is a must read. Set in New York in the height of the Jazz Age, Murder in the Gardens, is the fourth in a five book series following Penelope Banks. Tasked with solving the murder of the owner of a swanky new hotel opening in New York City, the sassy protagonist will thrill readers. 

Abbigail H. writes in her five star review, “Pen reminded me of Fryne Phisher which I adore and the atmosphere of the story is similar: Penelope is maybe rich and belongs to the upper class but she knows very well how to survive in a world far away from money and status, the world of speakeseyes, illegal gambling, and murders. The dynamics between the main characters are great, the story is good…I had an excellent time reading this book and looking forward to reading more of Pen’s adventures.”

Miss J. shares her sentiments in her five star Amazon review, explaining, “Characters are well developed and interesting, with more depth in each book. Books are an excellent combination of detection, history, and surprises.”

A Most Efficient Murder

A Most Efficient Murder by Anthony Slayton

With 230+ ratings and an average of 4.5 stars, A Most Efficient Murder, is another mystery set in the 1920s, but this tale takes place at a house party at Unsworth Castle in the English countryside. Described as a perfect read for those who are fans of Agatha Christie, readers are swept up in the frantic murder investigation in order to apprehend the murderer, and also save the reputation of the aristocratic home, and its owner, Lord Unsworth.

David V. raves in his five star Amazon review, “A very well-done mystery, with excellent characterizations, back stories, understanding of the English aristocracy, and a fascinating amateur sleuth and an equally interesting English Inspector who have a prior history, but are not entirely sure they are on the same side for much of the book. I would probably disagree with the review that compares it with P.G. Wodehouse. While pointing out some of the aristocracies foibles, I wouldn’t say it was in Wodehouse style, but there was definitely, as another review described it, some snarky humor, so it was right up my alley! Highly recommended for people who like 1920’s English mysteries and well-written characters and an author who knows how to plan wonderful and surprising plot twists. I look forward to reading the next Mr. Quayle mystery!”

Kelly W. couldn’t put this book down! She shares in her five star Amazon review, “…This book was one wild ride. When the whole murder plot was revealed I literally gasped out loud…because I was totally blindsided. The characters were each so well written by the end I had this picture of them in my head right down to how their voices sounded…There were no plot holes, no unanswered questions, and surprisingly the Unsworth Clan seemed to walk away from the whole affair a little stronger for it. I liked that part a lot that even though something really horrendous had taken place this very dysfunctional family had maybe finally found a place where they could trust one another and stop scheming. It wasn’t just a good ending it was a happy ending.”

Jousting and Justice

Jousting and Justice by Elizabeth Pantley

With 120+ ratings and an average of 4.8 stars, Jousting and Justice is the fifth book in the six book Destiny Falls & Magic series. Each installment in this series promises the unique experience of combining two stories which blend into one attention-grabbing tale. Not sure what you can expect?

Cozy Mystery Book Reviews raves in their five star Amazon review, “I am a huge fan of the Destiny Falls Mystery series by Elizabeth Pantley but nothing prepares you for what is in store for readers in the fifth book in this series, Jousting and Justice…There is so much to love about the Destiny Falls Mystery series: an entire island that has magical components throughout the island, people with magical abilities, cats that can talk to Hayden and she understands them, a strong family bond and friendships that are just as strong, humor, murder, love…”

“This has been a delightful series to read,” StoreyBook Reviews describes further in their five star Amazon review. “There is something about the characters, setting, and mysteries that draw me in and keep me coming back to Destiny Falls. While this book could be read as a standalone, you will be better off starting at the beginning of the series to truly understand how Hayden came to Destiny Falls, meet the rest of the family, and have a better grasp of the dynamics of this town and island…”

Heists and Poltergeists

Heists and Poltergeists by Trixie Silvertale

The final two recommended reads in this list are installments 18 and 19 of the Mitzy Moon Mysteries series by Hidden Gems fan favorite, Trixie Silvertale. Reviewers share that you don’t have to read the books in order, but they highly recommend that you do read them all – once you read one you’ll be hooked! Mitzy Moon is a psychic detective whose adventures will keep you turning the pages.

With over 700 ratings and an average 4.8 stars, Heists and Poltergeists, chronicles how Mitzy’s surprise party ends up being thwarted by a bank robbery in this paranormal cozy mystery series.

Saundra W. illustrates in her five star Amazon review why our readers are so thrilled with Mitzy Moon, “Mitzy Moon is endlessly entertaining! Even at book eighteen, the plots stay crisp and witty, the characters unique.”

“…This is such a fun series and it just keeps getting better and better,” Kandi A. raves in her five star Amazon review. “ Another great page turning adventure that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are fun and engaging. It’s a well written book full of mystery and humor…”

Blades and Bridesmaids

Blades and Bridesmaids by Trixie Silvertale

With 530+ ratings and an average of 4.8 stars, the fun continues in Blades and Bridesmaids! In this story, Mitzy works with her dependable crew to save a bachelorette party from the woods.

Linda B. raves in her five star review, “I have loved this series from book 1 and would not miss a single book. The characters are deliciously beautiful and the banter delightfully humorous, as are some of the mystical situations.”

Sherry S. concurs in her five star Amazon review, “I love the characters in Mitzy’s world. Reading the series is like visiting friends you haven’t seen in awhile.”

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