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Scary stories to keep you awake at night

By: Hidden Gems on May 17, 2022

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on May 17, 2022


Snakes. Clowns. Bats. What fills you with dread? While the horror genre can be one of the most harshly critiqued, Hidden Gems readers have been fortunate to have plenty of horror tales to choose from over the past few months, and this is a round-up of some of the most popular and well liked page turners. Which ones will you be adding to your to-read list?


Legacy of Ashes

Legacy Of Ashes by Sean Deville

For the near extinct vampire race, starvation has been a way of life for centuries. That is about to change. With a respectable 4.2 average star rating on Amazon, Legacy of Ashes is the first book in the Homo Vampirous Chronicles, an apocalyptic vampire horror tale.

Rebecca S. raves in her five star review, “This author has an amazing knack for weaving non-fiction elements and ‘conspiracy theories’ into tales of dystopian horror. He expertly creates characters so vivid you are living in the narration. I’ve read The Apocalypse series as well, and in both I feel like I am Bastian reading the Neverending Story–actively engaged and reading what is currently playing out in the world events today! Yes, this is a vague description, no spoilers here! You’ll have to read for yourself! You won’t be disappointed! It’s not your average, every-day ‘sparkly’ vampire tale. Read it and discover the genius this super talented author creates… you’ll mark him as one of your favorite writers!”

Debbie H. warns potential readers in her five star review, “If you enjoy intense and thrilling reads and vampires you will enjoy this book…Lots of blood and gore. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book in this series.”


Hunted: The Abarath Trilogy by Damian Dawes

Another terrifying series beginner, entwining classic horror with fast-paced action, Hunted introduces Katrina as a feisty, yet damaged hero. She has the inner anger to fight, the will, and the courage. But facing Kat is the Abarath. And it’s coming. And there’s no escape. With a notable 4.1 average star rating on Amazon, from the first page, this is one of those scary stories that also take the reader on an action-packed ride.

J praises in his five star review “This book has one of the scariest opening scenes of any book I’ve ever read. The story is great! I can’t wait for the rest of the series.”

This is seconded by Johnathon P. in his five star review, “It’s a story that captivates from beginning to end without losing steam, with thoughtful plot points and masterful pacing. This is an expertly written addition to the monster novel genre.” This tale is not for the faint of heart, and has scenes that are graphic and violent. If you are up for the read, our readers highly recommend this tale.

Hold My Place

Hold My Place by Cassondra Windwalker

From the Helen Kay Chapbook Award-Winning poet Cassondra Windwalker, comes Hold My Place. An unsuspecting librarian, Sigrun, falls head-over-heels for a married man, but when she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind romance, she discovers her new husband’s past wives have all met early deaths—and some aren’t ready to let go yet. With an average 4 star rating on Amazon, this is a story worth diving into.

Publishers Weekly describes this tale asSinister undertones steadily build into a genuine sense of doom…as thought-provoking as it is harrowing.

Readers agree with their assessment. In Shawn B.’s review, “As gothic horror, I was expecting a slow burn, and for the first part of the book, it’s what I got. Set against the backdrop of the pandemic and largely character driven over the first half, we get to intimately know Segrun and Edgar. What I wasn’t expecting was the ferocity with which I devoured the second half of the book as the pieces began to fall into place and the story became all engrossing.”

The Huntsman of Corvinus

The Huntsman of Corvinus by Timothy Bryan

An ancient evil descends on the Central European capital city of Budapest. In The Huntsman of Corvinus, a supernatural killer stalks its timeworn alleyways, provoking terror amongst the distraught population and leaving untraceable and shocking murders in its wake.

Breedline Novels writes in their five star review, “I am so glad to have found this gem among the tall grass of many others! I’m a big fan of the supernatural and dark fantasy, so the author’s creative mind definitely kept my interest…Without giving away the story, I will tell you I was shocked at the end. It definitely left me with goosebumps. I highly recommend this to all lovers of sci-fi fiction and dark fantasy or just plain good storytelling.”

Their review is seconded by Nichole S, “This is a thrilling story, completely engrossing with realistic characters. I’d been unsure of what to expect when I began reading this book but I was blown away. The pacing was perfect and kept me guessing through the entire story.”

Wadhurst Ghost Stories

Wadhurst Ghost Stories by James Ward

Wadhurst Ghost Stories is a collection of seven ghost stories, covering more than a century in the village’s history. With a noteable 4.3 average star rating on Amazon, this collection is meant to thrill and entertain, rather than serve as a historical education.

Jacki writes in her five star review, “ This collection is for a reader who wants real chills and frights. Excellent book, superb characters, a joyful read for this horror aficionado.”

Haunted Reader seconds her thoughts in their review, “These stories are modern yet provide that quintessentially British cozy Ghost tale experience, which appeals to aficionados of M. R. James and Arthur Machen.”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these scary stories first, so if you want more books that terrify you, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Authors send these out in the hopes that the readers will write an honest review on Amazon once they’re done.

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