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Self-Help Books to Add To Your Toolbox

By: Hidden Gems on August 8, 2023

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on August 8, 2023


Self-help books don’t need to be exclusively read for your New Year’s resolution. There is no time like the present to work on your goals, or take the next step towards a healthier you. Today we have put together a list of books highly rated by Hidden Gems ARC reviewers that can help you towards who you want to be.

Life After Emotionally Immature Parents

Life After Emotionally Immature Parents by Vanessa A.P.

If you are determined to break the cycle of emotional abuse so that you do not repeat it with your own kids, then Vanessa A.P.’s book is for you.

“It honestly and sensitively addresses the plight of people who have grown up with emotionally immature parents,” says Candelaria in their 5-star review. “The book not only describes how the lack of an emotionally competent parent can affect a child, but also offers clear and practical guidance for overcoming the negative consequences of a difficult childhood and learning how to create healthy and secure relationships.”

“The content of the book really changed something in my mind. It made me realize that many worries/issues I had as a child, and even now as an adult, were due to my emotionally immature parents,” shares Bruno M. in their 5-star review. “It was a relief reading this book and understanding so many things about the relationship between my parents and me and that it is okay to keep my distance from the people that still cause me pain.

After finishing the book, my main objectives are: ‘to live a peaceful life in which I don’t have to constantly fight back against emotionally abusive parents’ and really break this cycle of abuse so I don’t repeat it with my kids.”

Away with Words

Away with Words by Ryan Doherty

Language learning is seen as something incredibly difficult and most speakers of English are brought up with the idea that we English speakers just aren’t good at learning languages, according to the official book blurb. Ryan Doherty’s book will help put you in the correct mindset to learn a new language fluently.

“Man, it’s very rare that I say this but this book really changed my mindset. It taught me that there is an actual method to learning languages. I used to approach it brute force, but this book really laid out a system for understanding the proper approach,” writes M. Issa in their 5-star review. “I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is learning a new language and will definitely be reading it again as I move into my next phase of learning.”

“BRAVO! Makes learning languages FUN!” Jill wrote in their 5-star review. “This book has made me excited about learning languages again! I learned more about learning languages in this book than I did in 3 years of scholastic language courses. A wonderful, flowing, and enjoyable read. Highly recommend!”

Healing Everyday Traumas

Healing Everyday Traumas by Lynn Mary Karjala, Ph.D.

In this self-help book by Lynn Mary Karjala, Ph.D., you will learn creative, easy techniques to heal those everyday traumas that have intense effects on you even many years later.

“I absolutely adore this book as both a human who deals with her own trauma and someone who tries to help others deal with theirs. Whether you’re a clinician, just a person who knows they’re being held back from being the best version of themselves—whether you associate that with past or current trauma or not—or even simply want to stop that negative chatter in your head, this book will help you understand what’s going on and potentially heal that trauma. Highly recommended,” writes Jamie B. in their 5-star review.

“Dr Karjala’s book has changed my life and provided a hope that was completely lost,” says JC in their 5-star review.  “As a previous therapist and my own experience in trauma therapy, I cannot recommend this book enough for the layman, the patient and the healer and therapists alike. From minor trauma to major ones to multiple ones, she provides you easy to understand explanations that will click with what’s in your head – like she understands AND knows how to help.”

7 Easy Steps to Anger Management for Parents with Toddlers

The 7 Easy Steps to Anger Management for Parents with Toddlers by Raffael Lyon and S.K Braga

This book by Raffael Lyon and S.K Braga is for you if you want to end the generational pattern of anger and make sure you raise a child up to a successful adulthood.

“One of the standout features of this book is its simplicity and accessibility. Lyon’s writing style is clear, concise, and easy to read, making it a breeze to absorb and apply the strategies outlined within. The step-by-step approach allows parents to navigate the content effortlessly, ensuring they can implement the suggested techniques immediately,” Brett G. said in their 5-star review.

“As parents of a toddler, I find it really difficult to raise a child. Things don’t always go as planned, and my child doesn’t fully understand what I want, which makes communication challenging,” writes Little Ervin in their 5-star review. “As a result, I often get frustrated and lose my temper. This book has provided me with a lot of helpful tips. It has helped me learn how to manage my emotions and handle situations better.”

Important Information BEFORE I DIE

Important Information BEFORE I DIE : End of life Planner, Workbook, Organizer and Journal by 1st Echo Publishing

We don’t often want to think of the end of our lives, but planning ahead and making sure all of your affairs are in order will bring you and your loved ones a peace of mind. Important Information Before I Die is a complete end-of-life planning guide, a place to store all of your essential information, and overall a valuable preparation resource. 

“I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU GET THIS BOOK AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IT CONTAINS – NOW!!!” writes John P. in their 5-star review. “This is the single best version of this type of document I’ve ever seen. Comprehensive, well laid out, easy to use. Getting it and using it (yeah, it will take a bit of drudge work) will more than make up for the peace of mind you’ll want and need later.”

“Listen – I know death is a tough subject. We don’t want to think about it, or consider that possibility, especially when we are ‘young.’ But it is SO IMPORTANT that couples discuss these things. There is so much that has to be considered, and that has to happen, not just immediately following a death, but for months and even years after,” Jenna R. said in their 5-star review. “This book is amazing. There is not one thing this book leaves out. Absolutely everything you and your family need to consider, think about, decide, and prepare for. Every document you would need access to, and places to record really vital information. And one of the best parts is the additional resources section, that gives info on every agency you may need to contact.

PLEASE do yourself and your family a favor, and not only buy this book, but take the time to sit down and get your information organized so those left behind can spend less time on frustrating details, and more time on the healing process.”

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