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5 Steamy Summer Romances

By: Hidden Gems on July 21, 2020

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on July 21, 2020


Even if where you live hasn’t opened up post-COVID-19, the weather is certainly announcing the arrival of summer – and so now is the perfect time to stock up on steamy summer reads for the beach, poolside, or backyard if you’re still in quarantine. Fans of romance get a ton of value by subscribing to Hidden Gems books – the following five books were offered for FREE to subscribers, in addition to dozens more from 15 other genres. 

The SEAL’s Convenient Marriage by Katie Knight 

The SEAL’s Convenient Marriage by Katie Knight 

It was supposed to be a marriage of convenience – so tough-as-nails SEAL Nate could help Emily provide care and treatment for his cancer-stricken little brother. However, when Emily discovers their doctor is embroiled in a conspiracy worth killing for, Nate has to fall back on his lethal training; and protect Emily at all costs.

“This is the first book that I have read from this author and fell in love with it from the beginning,” writes Edna Hill in a 5-star review. “My heart just broke for Emily. When Nate comes back home for a visit he learns just how bad things are and gives her a solution, an unconventional solution but a solution none-the-less. Marry him! She agrees – but that’s when all of the intrigue starts going full-speed ahead. This one will have you on the edge of your seats and you will be there until the end. Well done!”

“This book was one which grabbed my attention and held it until I got to the end,” writes reviewer LeMiliere, giving it 5-stars. “I didn’t want to put my Kindle down. A marriage of convenience story, with good chemistry between Nate and Emily, and you couldn’t help but love little Matthew.”

Beyond Remorse/Cobra by Barbara NolanBeyond Remorse/Cobra by Barbara Nolan

Cobra, President of the Las Vegas Serpents MC, made a deal with the devil when he bargained for financial support from a mob boss to look after his handicapped brother. When he stumbles across the path – and into the bed – of Sheena, another lost soul indebted to the mob, Cobra’s previous arrangement comes back to haunt him. Now he’ll have to lay everything on the line if he can hope to save his brother, and the woman he’s reluctantly fallen in love with.

“A fabulous story that had me engaged from the first until last page,” writes Shirley’s Bookshelf in a 5-star review. “Cobra and Sheena are both people who keep parts of themselves hidden, and while their lives are so very different from mine, they are still characters I can relate to when it comes to the need to protect one’s heart. The story is full of twists, turns and surprises; moments of tenderness and passion; and most definitely moments when you’re wondering “what are they thinking?” and I loved it! Cobra and Sheena’s story is wonderful for when the reader needs to escape the reality we live in and get lost in another.” She does warn, though: “While I definitely believe Beyond Remorse can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the first novel from the series.”

“Action, suspense, laughter, tears and sizzling heat in this page-turner,” promises Carol LaGatta in her 5-star review. “Oh the tangled web of lies and deceit as Sheena finds herself in such a mess that the only one who can help is Cobra. On the other hand, nasty business partners are the reason Cobra ends up with Sheena’s mess in the first place!”

The Arcav King's Mate by Hope HartThe Arcav King’s Mate by Hope Hart

Alien fated mates remains a persistent sub-genre in romance, and author Hope Hart gives us a unique and refreshing example in the first of her Arcav Alien Invasion series. It’s the tale of a tough, determined cop who is designated mate to the King of the Arcav species. Running away to join the resistance proves futile, though – since when other aliens arrive with their sights set on invading Earth, only the Arcav stand between humanity and extinction.

“At the beginning of this book I was under the impression that this one would be like all of the other alien romance stories – but, oh no, this one was definitely different and better than any other alien romance I have read before,” writes Edna Hill in a 5-star review. “This one had me right from the beginning until the very end and hoping that Harlow-aka-Low and Varian can make it as a couple and work together to save both Arcavia and Earth from very bad aliens called the Grivath who kidnap women throughout the galaxy and sell them to the highest bidder in a sex-trafficking ring until interstellar style. Definitely a must read.”

“Amazing, interesting , great chemistry fantasy!” Gushes Barbara in another 5-star review. “I just loved this story. Never read Hope Hart before but I am definitely fan now. I obtained this as a free read but I have already purchased t he next book the Commander’s Human. This is however a stand along romance but characters from the first book are in the next.

Blood Born by Rayanne HainesBlood Born by Rayanne Haines

Death is only the beginning for tough, ambitious Olivia – who is given the gift and curse of half-vampire heritage and must navigate the dangerous demi-monde between the normal and paranormal in Book Four of the Guardian Series

Edna Hill was back with high praise for this novel. “This one had me from Page One and didn’t let go until the very last page. The chemistry between Olivia and Rhys made you feel things everywhere and that it was happening to you as you were reading the book. This book is the fourth in the series and was the first one that I read from this author and she did not disappoint. Will definitely be checking out the first the books in this series and others from this author. Well done!”

“Great characters and story line! Couldn’t put this book down,” writes Jessica Hawkins in a 5-star review. “This book kept me up all night! I couldn’t put it down. It was easy to get into with a great character like Olivia leading the way. She comes off as extremely hardworking and strong minded and seems to have a smart mind and enough wit to balance with the far reaching and controlling Rhys Callas. I enjoyed this book very much and I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series. I thought the story line was great and all the characters were interesting. There wasn’t a character that I didn’t want to know a little more about.”

ENDLESS: Ty & Zoey by Kaylene WinterENDLESS: Ty & Zoey by Kaylene Winter

Superstar Tyson Rainer thought he had it all as lead singer of Less Than Zero – one of the world’s hottest bands. But when his heart is broken by beautiful bookworm Zoey, he goes off the rails and right into the deep end – and when their paths cross again eight years later, he’s barely recognizable as the man she loved. The two of them have a lot of broken bridges to mend; but the result might carry them to a happily-ever-after they could never have had before.

“Love + Rock-star + Sex = Perfection,” writers L. Amore in a 5-star review. “Hasn’t every girl dreamed to fall in love with her hot rock-star hero? Well, it really does happen. This is a great (and steamy!) read to get all of us through the summer. It was also a bit of a love-letter to Seattle. It was obvious that the author knows the city well, and having once lived in Seattle myself, it was fun to retrace where Ty and Zoey traversed across town. And, in addition to all the great romance, I also enjoyed all of the very accurate storytelling of the rock band / concert experiences behind-the-scenes which brought cool elements to the book as well.”

“Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down,” Doris writes in a 5-star review. “I felt like I was on the same rollercoaster as Ty and Zoey and let me say that was one HOT ride they were on! This was a new author to me and I am totally hooked. I can’t wait to read what comes next with the guys from Less Than Zero. This was a total winner for me!”

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