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Please note: $20 is the deposit due at the time of booking. The final balance will be based on a number of factors such as number of beta readers, number of words in your book, number of questions, etc. When filling out the order form, please enter as much info as you currently have with as much accuracy as possible so that you can be given an estimate on the final price. However, the final balance will be based on the actual values if those differ from your original entries.

The final balance is due before your book is delivered to readers.

“The Hidden Gems beta reader service feedback is invaluable! As an author I often get “too close” to the story and don’t always see the holes or deficiencies. My recent experience is that the Hidden Gems beta readers did a stellar job of pointing those issues out for me. My book will be a much better story because of this service.”

—Leah Busboom, author of The Connor Brothers romance series

“The beta reader program at Hidden Gems is invaluable! I used it for a first draft of a new novel and new genre for me. Being able to customize the questions to ask beta readers was a huge bonus as I could personalize it for the burning questions I wanted to ask my readers. Their feedback was detailed and incredibly helpful. I was especially glad to have this to compare with the feedback from my editor who reviewed it at the same time. In many ways, the beta reader feedback was even more helpful and helped to give me some context for my editor’s notes. I will definitely be using this for every new novel and highly recommend it for other authors!! I am so grateful to Hidden Gems for offering this great new service! 10 stars!!”

Kyle Prue –  author of The Sparks

Note: For more information, please check out our Beta Program FAQ!


Green – Available

Pink – Not Available

Please select the date you wish to send out your book to beta readers. Note that on your order form, you will then be able to select how much time they will have to read it and return their completed questionnaire.

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